Friday, May 1, 2015

Extreme Reactions

I've watched a good bit of porn in my day, and my favorite videos always involve really strong reactions. A lot of sadists can get off on something simply knowing how it feels to the sub, but for me I want to see someone forcibly losing control of himself. Doesn't matter if it's him whimpering in frustration over being edged, screaming in agony, laughing hysterically from tickling .. as long as I know he can't stop his reaction any more than a puppet can stop its mouth moving, I'll be hard as a fucking rock.

There's a lot more to read in a boy than his vocal protests, but there's something special about that particular reaction to me (though I do find a silently clenched jaw sexier than any scream). People naturally speak at pretty consistently the same pitch, so to hear the pitch change and waver and break just happens to be an exceptionally sexy look into where the boy's head is at to me. The way the guy in this video breaks from yelling pretty loudly to a pitiful sob, to screaming in a panicked manner? Yeah, the internet needs more videos of this caliber.

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