Monday, November 12, 2012

Control is Best When Stolen (Day 2)

So I'd been wanting to do something more for the story I started back in May, just before IML, but hadn't been in the right headspace to pick up where I left off. Apparently locking my cock up for a few days did the trick, so here's Day 2.

This part of the story has the same disclaimer as the previous one: my writing this is not a free pass for anyone to engage in this sort of behavior. If it has not specifically been discussed with you - no, allusions or hints do NOT count - then you should never engage in a force-oriented scene like this with anyone.

Control is Best When Stolen (Day 2)

  I somehow managed to sleep rather soundly, in spite of the chastity tugging on my balls pretty roughly as I got hard in my sleep.  Apparently soundly enough that Sir was able to position himself over me and have a dental gag poised in front of my mouth. Not that stealth was really an issue given the sleepsack had me effectively helpless, but the first thing I felt as I was abruptly awoken was the gag being forced into my mouth and its leather straps being fastened under my head as He roughly picked it up from the mattress. He forced the bars a good inch and a half apart, and shot me a devilish grin as He straddled my chest. He knew I was very inexperienced with oral but at this moment it was clear He’d intended to do some training. The distress in my eyes was enough to get Him hard without even having to touch Himself (He was naked, and looking as amazing as ever), and once He was fully hard He started towards my mouth.

  I gagged as His cock was down my throat, and instinctively turned my head to the side. Immediately I let out another guttural howl. Fuck … didn’t even see him holding the remote to the collar on my junk. And how the hell can He be that attentive, anyway?

  “You can do better than that, boy.

  The funny thing was, I wanted to. As stubborn as I’d been in similar circumstances with oral, I tried my damnedest to please Him. Within another minute or so my eyes were tearing up from the strain of trying not to gag, but He persisted. About then He started moaning and, much to my surprise, my cock swelled in its cage in spite of the gagging that was ravaging my senses. Just as the moans began to turn into a more primal, almost-growl He stopped suddenly.  He leaned over to the floor and grabbed a hood, putting it on me easier than most people could put on a tube sock once he'd taken off the dental gag. This hood had some sort of gag built in, and as it filled my mouth my cock tested the acrylic again.

  As I tried to adjust my ears to the now dulled sound of the room around me, the pressure from Sir on my chest left and I heard the muffled jangle of keys. I felt a key slide into the lock on my chastity, the pop as it was unlocked, and even the metal-on-plastic sliding as He pulled the lock out of its pin. I was amazed I could feel it that distinctly after being hooded for only a moment. I was still straining against the cock cage and as He slid it off, even the feeling of the acrylic sliding against my cock was ecstasy.

  “You’re getting off now, boy.

  I tried to protest  through the hood; I’d been in chastity over a month without relief and hadn’t expected the orgasm to come this early in our interaction. Another blinding scream, the pain delivered without comment. I started to go soft but when Sir straddled my chest again and I was pinned down, unable to so much as wiggle my chest, I got hard again. Sir didn’t waste any time stroking slowly and went straight for the kill, so to speak. I let Him know I was about to cum (this being less than a minute later mind you, thanks to the built-up spunk) through a series of muffled noises and just as my cock surged in anticipation of the cum about to flow through its pipes He let go of my cock and smacked the SHIT out of my balls. I tried to sit up to get Him off my chest so I could move to protect myself, but as soon as I tried I also found a foot planted firmly just above my knees to keep them immobile as well. A step ahead of me … no surprise there. I screamed and pleaded as the last drops of cum spat from my cock, but He wasn’t done. As I got too loud, the shock from the collar joined the relentless beating of my balls and my shouting and pleading turned into an exasperated whimper that was closer to sobbing. He finally stopped, and all the tension from my body drained despite my balls still throbbing intensely.

  “Oh, we’re not done yet

  He was taunting me ... I’d had enough. The stress from the last minute had been great enough that my body felt completely wrecked. On top of that, every ounce of horniness had been completely drained and I felt well … almost gross. The leather wasn’t sensual any more, nor was the restriction of the sleepsack, and even the hood’s sensory restrictions didn’t amount to much. Sir started jerking me some more and I instinctively struggled as my overly sensitive cock was assaulted. He didn’t keep this up for more than a minute or two, but by the time he stopped my cock had returned to being fully flaccid. I didn’t think anything of it until I felt the cockring of the chastity piece at the base of my cock and balls. I let out a pointless whimper and soon found my cock fully restrained again.

  Suddenly Sir was pulling me down the bed a bit, and then rolling me over onto my stomach. It wasn’t as comfortable so I struggled a little to find a comfortable resting place but otherwise went with it. Until, that is, He unzipped the ass of the sleepsack.

  “Sir, I can’t!” I have no idea how garbled it must have been from outside the hood given the gag attachment, but I imagine it was about as intelligible as the howl that followed as Sir triggered the training collar. “Sir, I’m too worn .. AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGG … REALLY I CAN ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG”

  He grabbed my legs and pulled them over the side of the bed so my ass was sticking out, exposed over the edge of the bed. I was panting pretty heavily by this point - another press or two of that damned button from being in tears - and I could feel my face flush with anger under the hood. But, like the day prior, He grabbed a rubber and lubed up my hole. I was a bit looser than I’d anticipated, but the chastity still made it a bit more difficult to take. I honestly couldn’t say how long He was fucking me because, being as exhausted as I was, time was more than a little … wibbly-wobly. By this point there was no surprising enjoyment of it, just Sir using my hole as He saw fit without regard for my notable suffering.

  Sir came and collapsed on me for a moment, still inside, panting just as heavily as I was, and then pulled out and walked into the bathroom to clean up. I was left there, unable to move without risking slipping off the bed. When He returned He slowly unzipped the sleepsack, letting my arms out one at a time but keeping my legs confined. He allowed me a moment to stretch out my arms, but then I suddenly found them seized one at a time to lock the fist mitts on me once again. After freeing my legs He then locked some heavy irons on my wrists and ankles, joining them with chain, and attached a leash to the D-ring that was on the neck of the hood.

  He left my body naked except for the chastity and we left the room in another dizzying experience. He lead me down a flight of stairs or two and we wound up in another of His damned friends’ rooms. This one happened to have a steel cage the guy had brought for the weekend, and I quickly found myself in it with my neck secured in a hole in one of the sides. They also reattached the chain on the wrist irons to the front of the cage so I couldn’t move my arms back. I overheard Sir explaining the remote to the shock collar and I broke into a cold sweat realizing I’d have to be just as obedient with these strangers. Sir left and I heard a menacing laugh from one of the men about something they’d been discussing out of earshot.

  I had no clue which, but one of them used the remote to shock me. I tensed up in the cage even after howling, and another shock followed. By this point I was gritting my teeth into the hood’s gag and growling angrily out if instinct, and found a boot in front of my face. He pulled out the gag despite my clenched teeth and I reluctantly began to lick the boots with what I hoped was adequate vigor. One of the other guys reached into the cage and tied some rope around my balls, attaching a fairly taut bungee cord to them  and pulling me back as far as I could go in the cage while I kept licking. Once my balls were secured, he grabbed some sort of paddle with foam padding and started smacking my nuts with it. I begam to struggle but knew that another shock from the collar would be worse, so I kept licking the boots in my face.

  This went on for God knows how long and I got a few breaks from the ball abuse here or there, when unexpectedly they began lubing my ass.

  “Your Sir wants your hole ready when He returns.”

  The dildo they used was a bit bigger than I was used to, but given that it was a break from having my balls beat it was still pretty enjoyable and got me moaning. Eventually they grabbed some more rope and secured the dildo in place, fully planted in my ass, and went back to beating my nuts while I serviced yet another pair of boots. Another guy joined in and started using a riding crop on my ass and thighs; it was  a chorus of slaps. I was sweating bullets by this point, and began to neglect the boots a little bit as I tried to keep it together. Someone noticed, I was shocked brutally, and I began licking “eagerly” again.

  Eventually Sir returned and, even though I was still having to lick a stranger’s boots and being abused well beyond comfort, just knowing He was back was enough for me my cock to swell. They began undoing the irons and freed my balls, my neck still through the hole in the side of the cage. They left me there for a few moments to anticipate what else was coming. Once they came back, my head was taken out of the neck hole and then I was yanked out of the cage. Even with mitts on one of them pinned my arms behind my back, and another worked the hood’s gag back in. They roughly pushed me onto the bed which scared the shit out of me since I couldn’t see. Someone grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head, kneeling on them to keep them pinned. Sir came to the bed and grabbed my legs, pulling them over my head. The guy kneeling on my arms seized my ankles and Sir undid the rope that was holding the dildo in my ass. He slid it out slowly and replaced it with His cock with no more than a few seconds of a break. The constant abuse the guys had been dishing out kept me from getting horny again after Sir made me get off earlier in the day, but being so glad that Sir was back I found the horniness returning. Just as I thought it was going to be enjoyable, Sir started fucking harder. It started to be too much and I started to struggle, but the guy who had me pinned wasn’t letting me go anywhere. I started to whimper as Sir picked up the pace more. After a few more minutes of this, He stopped abruptly, enough so to catch me off guard. I could almost feel Him smirking even though I couldn’t see it; He didn’t even want to get off, just wanted to claim my hole to remind me it belonged to Him. The message sure as fuck sank in, and I really WAS was certain He was wearing that dangerous, sadistic grin. He slapped my face a few times endearingly and then went to work beating balls just to remind me how effortlessly I had been pinned.

  Once Sir was done working over my balls, He dragged me back to His room, still naked, through the stairwell. At this point He bent me over the bed and plugged me as I silently took it to avoid more punishment. After some groping and massaging He put the leather shorts back on over the plug and chastity and added some kneepads (which I was immensely grateful for later) for good measure. He also switched me into a heavier hood with no mouth hole, and did so quickly enough that my eyes couldn’t adapt to the light before they were forced into darkness again. To top it off He clamped a pair of forceps down on my nipples. Their bite was surprisingly light, but when I felt some string being threaded between them it began to occur why. He added some handcuffs over the fist mitts and, without a word, pulled on the nipple forceps and began to lead me out the door.

  The trip downstairs was several times worse than the previous day – in part because of the hood which restricted my hearing more, but mostly because instead of a tug at my neck there was an explosion of pain in my nipples any time I lagged behind even half a step.  It was different than the night before; it wasn’t Sir flexing his control over me. Instead it was more like He was boasting that I’d been completely and utterly broken and defeated by His will. He wasn’t giving me instructions and just expected me to figure out what He wanted, which made the evening outrageously stressful .  I actually lost count of how many times He shocked me, because a number of times there were multiple jolts in rapid succession and my senses were too overwhelmed to think. When I collapsed to the floor twice at different points where the shocking was successive, Sir was kind enough to allow me a few seconds to regain my breath before encouraging me back up with the nipple forceps. Eventually I got the routine; I’d follow Sir as closely as I could while blind, and any time Sir stopped for more than 5 seconds (literally, I eventually counted) I was to be on my knees with my head down. I also made the mistake of nuzzling His leg because I felt lonely during a particularly long conversation … that was another series of shocks which landed me on the floor in a whimpering, panting heap. As the night winded down Sir ended up having a cigar in the smoking lounge, where I got a nice break serving as a footrest for He and a friend. At one point I stupidly tried to readjust for comfort, only to howl in pain as Sir shocked me again – the discomfort from my position was FAR less than the pain from the shock collar, so I didn’t make the same mistake again.

  Eventually Sir was done socializing, so we headed back up to His room. He left me standing by the door and I heard something being drug around the room, followed by keys jangling. Seconds later, the handcuffs came off the fist mitts, the hood followed suit, and my nipples were given a break despite how excruciating the removal of the forceps was. Once my eyes adapted  I saw a rectangular box about 2’ x 6’, maybe a little wider, with two ErosTek electro boxes I recognized sitting inside. My head whipped around to Sir in a panic, realizing what this meant.

Yes, boy, I remembered.

  We’d had a discussion one day when I was particularly horny, and I was now going to regret it. His plan was to pin me down in the box using a series of slats that would function like internal stocks. The goal was to set one of the boxes to ramp up continually, getting more and more intense as time progressed. This way with every new pulse from the device there was a chance it would be stronger and catch me off guard. The second box had a built-in microphone so He could set it to audio, and any time I made a noise it would shock me. It was meant to be a way to store me when Sir needed time to relax, so He could still torment me without having to actually administer it.

  Sir removed the chastity shorts and replaced the plug with a sizeable electric one, and I whimpered in disappointment that it wasn’t His cock. I had a hunch that after such a trying day he might let me off a little easy, so I got in the box without any protest when ordered to. I was pinned down with the slats; one at my neck, one at my chest just under my nipples, one just above my waist and pinning my arms, one just above my knees, and finally one at my ankles – I wasn’t going ANYWHERE. He removed the shock collar from my behind the chastity piece’s cockring, replacing it with two rubber-feeling straps that apparently conducted electricity. To top it off he placed another two of the straps, one around each testicle. At this point I got a little nervous, because that configuration had been too much for me in the past. Sir hooked them up to the boxes He wanted them attached to – ass and cock on rampup, balls on audio – and sat on the bed staring down at me.

  “They’re both going to 80, boy.

  Fuck … my hunch could NOT have been more wrong. My eyes widened and felt like they’d jump out of my head. “Please, Sir, I’ve never been above 50 on the one box!”

  “And you know they can both go higher than 80. Shut up or they will.”

  He set the boxes but kept them inactive for another moment, and proceeded to gag me. This one was more like a mouth guard, with a row for teeth on the top and bottom of the gag. I gave Him another pleading look – in vain, of course – and He activated the box that was set to ramp up. I grimaced and grunted a little, not quite reaching the howl level that the shock collar had elicited.

  “I’ve worked a timer into this; you have two hours, boy. Wake me up and they’re both getting turned up by 5 and I’m restarting the timer.

  He didn’t wait for confirmation or acknowledgement, only activated the audio box. Just to give me a preview of what I was in for, he knocked once on the box with the mic. I howled louder than I had when the shock collar was on, and triggered the box again. I began to panic and tried to get out, instinctively thrashing my head back and forth as much as I could with my neck pinned down. Even as I was panicking I tried to call out to Sir to end it, but just triggered the box again and again and renewed my panic. I must have triggered it half a dozen times before I finally calmed down. I could see Sir’s cock bulging as He weighed in my predicament. Even though I knew it was pleasing Him I couldn’t help but beg with my eyes. He leaned down, stared into my eyes, and planted a kiss on the gag over my mouth. As He backed up that outrageously sexy, disturbing, sadistic grin returned to His face. He reminded me:

  “And the other one still has to get 30% higher, boy.

  By the time He was done talking my eyes had welled up with tears from squinting so hard, and I’d almost drowned him out howling in response to the audio being triggered. Sir slipped into bed and turned the light on the nightstand off, and I was left with nothing but two glowing lights showing the intensity of the shock running through my cock, balls, and ass. I then watched in horror as it climbed from 70% to 71%, realizing I literally couldn’t fathom how much worse this was going to get.


  1. Please say part 3 is coming soon!

    Honestly, I love your blog! I've been very curious about BDSM for quite some time but have never had the courage to try it. The truth is, I have a hard time trusting anyone to tie me up. How did you get past that?

  2. In part, trust just came naturally for me; I'd been tying myself up since I was a kid, so having someone else at the reigns wasn't quite as daunting. I DO think tying yourself up can help more importantly because it teaches you to untie yourself. It also teaches you that bondage isn't magic; simply tying someone up doesn't make them completely hopeless.

    The best safeguard I can give is getting involved in your local kink community. Most cities have some sort of bondage club, however small it may be, but the leather, rubber, and general gear communities tend to have lots of guys into bondage. Basically, there aren't many crazies out there and being in a community means having a fairly comprehensive list of what few crazies there are.

    All in all, you still just have to do it. Set limitations (only your hands can be tied, only edging while tied, etc) and find a guy who will operate within them. Check out my "Negotiating a Scene" post in the links down the right of my page for some pointers on how to steer a discussion to verify the guy you're talking to is responsible.

    Best of luck, and do be sure to share when it happens. O;-)

  3. Awesome advice, thanks a bunch.

  4. Wow! Just, WOW! I've never given myself over to someone that thoroughly, though there are a couple of folks I've been tempted to with.

  5. Dick,

    I loved reading about your experience. There is nothing as satisfying as getting oneself in a position where the top, a really good top, seemingly ignores your will and limits while getting off on your torment.

    I'd never suggest it but I've "played" with a few real sadists who pushed me far beyond my limits. One of them tried to teach me not to cum during tit torture sessions by using an old field generator to shock my balls. It worked at first but then I started cumming when he shocked me. I love this stuff!

  6. Unfortunately, it's a work of fiction, so it has yet to be my experience. I'll keep dreaming though!