Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wood as Restraint

My favorite thing about wood is that it's one of the cheaper methods to restrain a boy. Not to misrepresent how valuable the skills of a refined woodworker are, slapping together a workable piece can be fairly easy if you're not looking for a clean, aesthetic piece. From building a set of stocks, to a bondage box, to converting a closet to a bondage space, you can whip up something functional with a small bit of practice.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Updates and Upgrades

Since the primary function of this blog is to be somewhat educational - whether introducing men to new ideas, or encouraging responsible play - I felt there needed to be a few new features added. I've added new sections to the right - "Dick's Picks" and "Kinky Comrades" - to provide some guidance on a starting point. The former is a grouping of posts I feel are particularly significant for some reason or another, and the latter is a list of blogs belonging to people I either respect, call friends, or both. At any rate, I hope the new additions are helpful!

BSDM Checklist

Let's face it: kinky sex can be immeasurably complicated. Even with a large amount of conversation, it's very possible for some things to slip through the cracks. As a general rule of thumb, interests fall into certain categories; impact play, objectification, sensory deprivation, etc. Each of these categories include a number of varied activities. While - again, generally speaking - interests tend to span multiple activities within these subsets, the inverse is not always true; due to how psychological issues develop, hard limits don't always follow such correlations. And for newbies, you also can't express lack of interest in something you don't even know is "a thing."

In individual scenes this usually isn't too big of a deal as if something comes up the scene can be ended quickly without much harm. Even if we're not talking about going so far as pathological fear, there are still some things that are just such huge turnoffs that they can ruin a scene past that point. To avoid this in all circumstances - playcation or otherwise - there are BDSM Checklists/Surverys. In addition to having the ability to quickly call attention to anything that should be avoided, it forces you to think about circumstances or activities that might have not even occurred to you previously. This can be useful both for finding new scenes to try and realizing what might be out of your range of comfort, so it favors both expansion of interests and protection of boundaries.

There are a lot of forms like this on the internet but many are either poorly formatted or not customizable, so essentially you would have to print it off, fill it out by hand, scan it, and send it. This form is in PDF format, and allows you to edit as you go. Personally, I find this even more valuable so you can modify the answers should any of your interests change over time. Once completed, you can either print it off to have it on hand, or send it via email to a potential playmate. It can be a bit grueling to analyze a completed form due to the length, but if you focus on the extreme pros and cons it's apt to lead to a smoother scene.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Over the last few years my interests have began to drift from bondage to power exchange. I've touched base on a number of things regarding degradation in this blog before, but I've yet to showcase watersports.

It's not something I've ever had any particular interest in, since it's just a symbol that's never really clicked in my head. That being said, there are some circumstances where a guy just looks so .. susceptible to being pissed on. The first time I thought of it in that sort of light was when discussing a scene that would end with me having a chain collar padlocked to a hook in a cement floor. He was particularly into watersports, and the idea of being that helpless and violated by being pissed on actually became appealing. Since then I've found a few similar photos that have made me think about it the same way.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Reader Request

Working on this again. Added a list of blogs, going to have another section added soon for suggested reading, etc. In the meantime, I had a request from a reader for a post about me being tickled.

Well, about a year ago I met up with a guy visiting from Houston. I'd been in chastity a few days at that point and, to ensure I was properly tormented, we had an agreement that the first 30 minutes of the scene would be non-stop abuse before my cock was let out. The footage is cut considerably, and it was a good bit longer than that. One hell of a good time. Apparently my bud uploaded it so you can't embed, but here's the link to the first vid of 5.

VagabondageBoy's Tormented Feet - Part 1 - XTube Porn Video - procrustesus