Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Fucking

Well specifically, more expressive or degrading fucks. I wouldn't say I've been feeling exactly vanilla lately, but close enough that I've jerked off to some of these over the last few days instead of some of the more intense stuff that usually gets the job done. My favorite of this bunch is definitely the animated GIF. Woof!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Head Trips

While more intense sensory deprivation can be fun, it's not always the goal. Sometimes it's nice to just have a hot way to gag or blindfold a guy, or as a sub the feeling of something constricting on your head can be pretty damned horny. From duct tape to bandannas to gas masks, and even just basic leather gear, it can make the difference between a situation being pretty hot and incredibly hot.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Wishlist - Clean-shaven Edition

Generally speaking I'm more into scruffy, hairy, and meaty guys. It's probably either rooted in some image-oriented masculine traits, or just that vanity is less present in people who don't sculpt their bodies or hair obsessively. Whatever the case, it's not a requirement, just a strong preference. I'd be crazy to turn down any of these men just because they didn't have fur.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 100k!

Been taking a little bit of a break if people hadn't taken notice, but getting to the end of that since I'm starting to feel back into the groove a bit. Noticed the other day that I'd hit over 100k views here on the blog, so I thought I'd celebrate with some "new" pics. They're from CLAW last year when I had the good fortune of rooming with Tyger and Daemon; anyone familiar with their work should recognize it from the pics. CLAW's loads of fun and, though I believe the main hotel is booked, you should definitely consider making an appearance if you're reasonably close to Cleveland. If not, consider looking at your calendar for next year; it sounds random because it's in Cleveland but it's currently my favorite event.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


One of the most important things about exuding an air dominance is being able to remain stoic and appear collected. As I've mentioned before, boys are naturally inclined to try and steer a scene to make it more pleasurable (or at least less unpleasant) for them. Whether or not it's conscious isn't relevant for this point, but remembering they behave that way is. In order to do this, they have to be able to see some of what's going on inside a Dom's head.

Anyone who's ever owned a dog has likely had an experience where their dog will listen to one person exceptionally well and won't listen to another person at all. My old dog training mentor used to say "I love dumb dogs, they're easy to train; it's the smart ones you have to watch out for." In this scenario, the person who can't get the dog to obey probably thought it was just a dumb dog. The reality of the situation is that the dog observed the person's behavior, realized they were full of shit, and decided that if they were lazy and didn't obey that nothing bad would come of it. And you know what? That dog was right - if that person had been playing poker with that poor of a bluff they'd have lost their shirt.

Now, back to boys. The same sort of principle applies to boys; they're going to learn what they can get away with based on how a Dom responds to their reactions. Sometimes it really can be emotionally taxing to push a boy in certain circumstances, and this is a good portion of why it's important to remain stoic. If you can't mask your emotions and instead respond immediately to a boy's reaction, he's going to learn that the faster he reacts that way the faster you'll stop. If you've ever had a scene where a boy becomes significantly more sensitive to various repeated stimuli as a scene progressed, this unconscious conditioning is a possible reason.

I write this as someone who has experienced this concept from both sides of the equation, so I absolutely understand what it's like to be pushed too far. In those instances where I have been pushed that far, it's much more useful if after realizing I can't handle it the Dom persists for a short while. Why? Because it means it's on his terms and I'm helpless to affect (well, deter) his actions. By deliberately hiding your thoughts and feelings from a sub, he can't do what that "dumb" dog did and learn your behavior.

In addition to remaining stoic for purposes of preventing a boy from knowing when you're distraught, it's useful to keep a calm demeanor which is also devoid of excitement. If a boy can't read good or bad responses from you he's going to be in a constant state of distress where he has no idea what the hell you're thinking. If he senses your excitement, he'll know that you're clearly pleased and either that he should persist or that you'll cut him some slack because you're happy.

Finally, though it sounds like it's out of some book telling women how to get men, it's usually not a good idea to chase a boy. Of course this is different for a more casual dynamic, but if you're going for serious power exchange it's starting off on the wrong foot. It's a bit of a fine line to walk, as there's always a risk of imposing expectations of the wrong level of trust on a boy, but it's still an important part of establishing a dynamic. Just as I've advised subs not to feel pressured to make every Dom feasible for play, the inverse is also true for Doms. Basically, if you're chasing a boy before the scene even starts he's going to already know he can play you like a fiddle. This doesn't mean you should just treat a boy like shit in scene negotiations and expect him to deal with it, but if your goal is power exchange a boy should feel like his absence in your sex life would have absolutely no impact on you at all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


If you're into heavier bondage, there aren't many ways to get closer to immobilization than mummification. There are a few mediums like vet wrap, duct tape, seran wrap, or pallet wrap you commonly see used but occasionally you'll see interesting variants to get the same result like an inflatable mattress wrapped around someone, sleeping bags, or in a box with foam. The only part better than the immobilization itself is when the only part of your body that can experience the world outside your cocoon is your cock and/or nipples.

A few random pointers for anyone looking to try this out: 

Safety scissors will make removing the wrappings significantly easier than using typical scissors.

If you're using seran wrap or anything that is self-adhesive, wrap the boys arms in it separately before wrapping his body. Basically this functions like the internal sleeves in sleepsacks and will keep his arms in place so he can't bring them to the front of his body.

Keep cotton balls or something disposable handy to put over the boy's nipples while wrapping. Otherwise you may have a hard time only grabbing the wrapping and not also his skin.

When using both seran wrap and duct tape for full enclosure (as opposed to just bands), be sure you only pull with the seran wrap. The seran wrap has more give than the duct tape, so if you pull it it will be more likely to cut off circulation. Instead, just lay it on top; it will still give the extra added strength.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Huge Feet

I'm not sure if it's a straight thing or if it applies to some homos, but some people who are into feet like them small and .. well, I guess dainty. Since it's a means of humiliation for me I like 'em big; it's really hot when a guys shoving his foot in your face and his toes can still curl over your head as you're licking the middle of his sole. It's not necessary, but it definitely makes it feel like there's more power involved.

On hook up sites you'll see pretty often guys posting pictures of their cock next to beer bottles or soda cans, putting coins on the cockhead or - and I still don't understand this one - red solo cups. In the bios for the guys on foot sites, they usually list a shoe size for people who really care that much, but "Size 15" (the first guy) doesn't quite put things in perspective. Apparently some guys into feet have started using a similar approach, which I find pretty amusing ... and arousing.

Monday, February 4, 2013


The last few weeks I've been working with a triad of friends (3-way polyamorous relationship) to train their new pit mix puppy. My dog is a pretty big asshole to adult dogs, and usually puppies are so terrified of him that they just roll over onto their backs and present themselves. This little girl, however, was so interested in perpetually licking his jowls that he ended up essentially tackling her and biting her in the snout. Usually this is how a parent will correct puppies if they get really out of line, and it's a pretty intense experience; something 2-3x as big as you lunging at you and biting you in the face. Needless to say, if she got too vigorous with licking him after that she would back away a few feet the second he lifted his lip in a snarl.

When dealing with dynamics not constrained to bondage or even the bedroom, a similar experience can be very useful keeping a boy in line - no, I don't mean actually biting him in the face. A friend I met over MAL had a story about his girlfriend/Domme catching him with a female friend sitting in his lap in the middle of a vanilla/platonic game night. She politely asked the girl to get up and once She was clear She proceeded to grab him by the neck throw him to the floor, planting a foot firmly on his neck. Needless to say, the lessen sank in and he hasn't done it again.

Point being: something that assaults your senses so fully to the point where every muscle in your body is trying to respond and you have no idea what the fuck is going on, it's a pretty overpowering experience. Of course there are other ways, but if your goal is an incredibly timid sub it's helpful to have something so sudden and staggering sitting quietly at the back of their mind.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Wishlist - Super Bowl Edition

A few of my friends have been throwing a kinky Super Bowl party for the last few years. Most guys come in football gear, those that don't usually at least sport some UnderArmour gear, and most of the time someone is tied up or getting zapped by electro. It's good fun and as kinky/gear communities grow in different cities, it's fun to hear about similar parties popping up elsewhere. I missed two of them while I was away in Austin, but it's definitely something I look forward to every year I can attend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and manages to find themselves grinding on some other stud in gear since this Sunday is a perfect excuse to get decked out. Also, the last photo is from last year's party; I'm beating the arch of his foot with a 5", 7 mm thick strap of rubber. One hell of a fun toy if you can't tell by the way his mouth is contorted into a scream.