Thursday, May 10, 2012

Control is Best When Stolen (Day 1)

IML is fast-approaching, and having chatted with a good number of new Doms recently the fantasy part of my libido is running on overdrive. I DO want to add a disclaimer that having force-oriented fantasies like this is not a free pass for anyone who reads it to carry it out just because they could. Even in the story, the person involved is someone who was already being called Sir - keep that in mind.

The story text (after the jump) itself might not be wankable, but hopefully some of the ideas are. It's pretty much in alignment with the recurring "legitimate control" theme of this blog, so some folk who enjoyed some of the other posts may enjoy this one.

Control is Best When Stolen (Day 1)

  I've been going to events like IML and MAL and CLAW for a solid 7 years. For me it was always more based on social interactions and mingling than finding play. Given that it took me many years to delve into anal and oral sex, it was just too impractical to find a Dom who could deal without either. The weekends were about socializing with friends and making new ones, and possibly some playmates after extensive discussion.

  Sir and I had spoken for a few months leading up to the event and he had a pretty in-depth understanding of what makes me tick. At times I was almost convinced he was a telepath or an empath or something. We'd talked about some play over the weekend, but he knew I intended to see many friends so things would have to be fairly short - maybe some bondage and abuse, some service ... nothing too elaborate.

  I was chatting with a group of my friends early Friday evening when something seemed to fall in front of my face. As I instinctively tried to recoil in surprise, it tightened around my neck. My hands flew to my neck to pull whatever it was away from my windpipe.

"WHAT THE ....."

  I tried to shout but as I began, the cord elevated and cut off the last word. Standing on my tip-toes now trying to alleviate the tension, I swing an arm behind me trying to grab whoever was standing there. Nothing but air. I couldn’t even turn my head. It clicked at this point that it must be some sort of ... noose on a stick? I wasn't really sure because I was more than a little frantic. As the upwards pressure continued, the first cuff of a pair of handcuffs clapped down on one of my wrists. Someone grabbed the other hand and forced them both behind my back, and I gurgled pathetically as the pressure of the cord returned to my windpipe. The second cuff clicked onto my other wrist behind my back and I began to realize how fucked I was.

"On your knees, boy."

  I recognized the voice, and was at least somewhat relieved that it was Sir. Still processing everything I made the mistake of hesitating and the cord around my neck tightened. I gurgled again and dropped to my knees as fast as gravity would let me. Immediately after I’d hit the floor, I was hooded. I couldn't see and couldn't hear very well but the hood had an open chin so I could still talk … though after what had just happened I didn't make the mistake of trying to. Apparently Sir had just arrived, so He hadn't geared up or anything, and I found my head being forced into His sneakers. I was already a little pissed off that I was missing time with my friends, and to make matters worse I'd told Him about how much I can’t stand servicing sneakers.

"Lick ‘em, boy."

  I let out a little growl in frustration, and went to do as instructed. Instead of being able to reach them, I felt the pressure around my neck again, pulling me to my feet.

"You don't growl at me, boy."

  Despite being in the lobby still, He undid my pants. I was still in chastity per His instruction, and He pulled the device away from my body slightly. First I felt some kind of nylon-esque strap over the base of my cock, and then two dull spikes pressing into the underside. A slight panic set in: He brought a fucking shock collar. Apparently this one was modified to have a locking post integrated, because I felt a padlock click on once it was tightened. Even if I COULD get my hands free, it wasn't coming off.

  This time He didn't command me to the ground, He just forced me down with the pseudo-noose. I later learned it was an animal control pole, so He always had a few feet of stick between the noose and Him at any given time. I found my face on top of His sneakers again. Feeling even more stubborn now knowing he's deliberately trying to make me do something I don't like, I just kept my head where it was placed.

"Do it."

  Another mistake: I hesitated again. *ZAP* He had the intensity turned up so high it felt like my cock/balls were on fire. If not for the pole keeping my head down, I would have been on my feet ready to walk away in spite of the hood. Instead I let out a guttural howl. As soon as I could control myself again I went to town licking His sneakers; I wasn't exactly in a good bargaining position.

  He had me servicing His sneakers for what must have been at least ten minutes or so. I could hear Him talking to some friends and just disregarding the fact I was annoyed with this course of action. Finally, with another tug of the noose, He brought me back to my feet. I’m not sure how far behind me He was, but He started pushing me through the crowd by the neck. He didn’t seem to care that walking so quickly while blinded was incredibly nerve-wracking, and actually shocked me twice when I impeded His pace. The first time I nearly fell because it distracted my attention so significantly from walking.

  Eventually we make it back to His room after I’d broken into a sweat from the stress. He walked me to the bed and pushed me onto it chest down. I heard Him rifling through some of his things, and then the high-pitched clank of a chain being pulled out of a bag. I’d assumed it was something to restrain me so I remained complacent, but then He planted a knee on my upper back and I felt cold steel touching my neck followed by the ever-so-familiar click of a padlock.

“Sir, we didn’t talk …”

  Another uncontrollable, guttural howl and blinding pain in my crotch.

You’re mine for the weekend.”

“But, Sir … arrrrrrg … I have other … ARRRRRGGGG”

  I couldn’t think any more. He was holding down the button and it was already excruciating with just a quick press.

I didn’t ask, boy. I SAID: ‘You’re mine for the weekend.’ Quit your bitchin’ and deal with it.

  He finally released the button and I relaxed, panting heavily.


  My blood was boiling. I could feel my face was flushed under the hood. I couldn’t stop clenching my jaw long enough to respond. Then He pressed the button again.

“YES, SIR!!!!!”

  It was almost more of a growl than words, but the soft pat on my ass told me it was good enough. He quickly took off my boots and pants, replacing them with some leather shorts. I thought He was just getting me dressed to go back downstairs, but between my cock being pulled through a hole in the shorts and a few more “clicking” sounds I realized it was a pair of locking chastity shorts. After this He loosened my handcuffs a little so they could be pushed further up my wrists, and proceeded to lock fist mitts on with the extra space this granted. I was still a little miffed at this point, but being put in all the gear certainly got my cock’s attention despite the chastity. Once the mitts were secured He padlocked them together and removed the handcuffs, kicking my feet apart as He let my arms fall to my back. Some leather restraints were put on my ankles, and a spreader bar was placed in the empty space between them. He unlocked the rear zipper of the shorts and I felt a few cold squirts of lube on my hole. I shifted uneasily, knowing that it was always more difficult to take anything up my ass when my cock was locked up.

Don’t worry, boy; you haven’t earned My cock yet. This is just a warm-up.

  He started working in the plug, which was surprisingly soft, and before I knew it He was zipping up the shorts with the plug fully in my hole. He grabbed the pole again and pulled me back into a standing position. Finally the noose came off and He reached around me to play with my nipples a bit. Within a few seconds my cock was straining against its cage and I was moaning pretty loudly.

We’re going to go downstairs to see some of My friends. You’re to treat them as you treat Me.

  He removed the spreader bar and leather restraints and put my boots back on, finishing it off with some leg irons over the boots. Before we left, he also added a leather choke collar to my neck adornments. A leash clicked on and he began dragging me along at that same uncomfortably fast pace. Eventually we come to a stop someplace with a lot of chatter, and I was pulled down to a kneeling position with the leash. I stayed like this while he chatted with a few friends, politely keeping my head bowed to avoid a possible shock. Eventually someone Sir had hoped to see approached, and the pull returned to the choke collar. As I got closer to the ground a hand found its way to the back of my neck for a little extra guidance. At that point it was easy enough to find the boots I was meant to lick despite the hood. Even though I was being compliant, a few seconds later I felt a boot on the back of my head pushing down. I lost any sense of time because of how difficult it was to focus on balancing, but eventually the boots disappeared abruptly and my head fell to the floor. Feeling that letting me kneel freely was too much freedom, Sir decided to step on the leash so I couldn’t get my head more than half a foot off the ground without the choke collar tightening.

  When Sir was done socializing, we went back up to His room. I was getting used to His pace at this point, but it was still somewhat unnerving. Once in His room He forced me onto the bed again, a little less carefully placed this time. He removed the padlock keeping my hands behind my back and gave me a moment to relax while He rummaged through His things. When He found what was needed He made me bend over with my ass in the air, pulling my hands between my legs so that my wrists and ankles were all in a line. He locked a set of rigid irons over them, and my ass was stuck thrust into the air. I heard keys jingling, and the lock on the rear zipper popped open a few seconds later. I shifted uneasily again anticipating what this meant, and Sir made no comment about a warm-up. The zipper came down and I was left to stew for a moment while he found and put on a rubber; just more time for me to anticipate. The plug had loosened me up significantly, and Sir’s cock was in me fully within a few seconds. I moaned almost as loudly as I’d howled earlier when being shocked. Once He was in, He laid on top of me so I could feel his chest and stomach on my back. He reached his hand under my head and covered my mouth with it, gagging me somewhat. With me silenced somewhat now, He started thrusting and my cock swelled up in its cage, begging for release. After a few minutes I was getting close to cumming in spite of the chastity but Sir felt He had adequately claimed my hole and pulled out, leaving me panting and exhausted.

  The rigid irons came off, followed by the fist mitts and the locks on the chastity shorts.


  With the shock collar still on like a cockring I did as instructed and stood there patiently awaiting orders, hands behind my back. He pushed me back onto the bed on top of a sleepsack, and I got in agreeably. Once the zipper was up and the snaps held it in place, He removed the hood.

Good to see you, boy. You’ve been good today, but tomorrow will be much more trying.

  With that he held his head above mine and I strained to kiss Him until my neck was too sore to keep it held up, but He wouldn’t give me the satisfaction. Instead, he rolled over and left me to fall asleep without any more attention.


  1. so hot!!!! i wish you could do that to me! :P

  2. I wish it was me that did that to you!