Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hetero Lust

Everyone knows that a reasonable portion of homos have a thing for straight guys. Whether it's the conquest, a simple case of wanting what you can't have, or the masculinity factor, it's something we've all fallen prey to at one time or another.

When you look at D/s play, it sheds a whole new light on the situation - with respect to humiliation, the prospect adds an unparalleled legitimacy. Naturally most people are into various aspects of BDSM for sexual reasons (whether it's getting stroked or fucked, etc) so removing that pretense can be very powerful.

The top in this picture happens to look almost exactly like my old boss, down to the hat and shoes. I swear the man owned nothing but Timberland apparel. At any rate, I don't know how many times I wanked to this pic thinking of him dominating me like that. Even if only once, just the thought that every time he looked at me after that I could feel that control burning.

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