Friday, December 30, 2011

Foot Worship/Domination

It's funny how people get so caught up in what are typical fetishes that they don't understand that two people can enjoy the same thing for two different reasons.

I've had a mild interest in feet from an aesthetic viewpoint for a few years now, but when faced with them in real life they never did much for me. Numerous times I'd even met up with guys who had nice feet, but when presented an opportunity to do something with them it was wholly uninteresting.

As my interest grew in submission grew, eventually dominance and feet ended up colliding and a Dom made me lick his feet even though I had no real interest in it in person. Since those gears started turning, any time a guy with even a marginally dominant attitude has hot feet, it really gets me going. Just one more reason my mantra is "Try it 'til you like it."

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