Monday, July 16, 2012

Reader Request

Working on this again. Added a list of blogs, going to have another section added soon for suggested reading, etc. In the meantime, I had a request from a reader for a post about me being tickled.

Well, about a year ago I met up with a guy visiting from Houston. I'd been in chastity a few days at that point and, to ensure I was properly tormented, we had an agreement that the first 30 minutes of the scene would be non-stop abuse before my cock was let out. The footage is cut considerably, and it was a good bit longer than that. One hell of a good time. Apparently my bud uploaded it so you can't embed, but here's the link to the first vid of 5.

VagabondageBoy's Tormented Feet - Part 1 - XTube Porn Video - procrustesus


  1. Ah, yes. My dick has gotten quite a bit of mileage from those vids, particularly Part 2. I have to ask, do your feet get smelly?

    1. Not generally, but if I go without socks in some sneakers it can happen fairly quickly. :-)

  2. One of my favorite videos (series) on xtube! I had seen them quite some time back, and then when I realized it was you in the video, I loved it even more. :P

  3. you should post more videos of you being tickled! very hot.