Monday, October 22, 2012

We're Back, Baby!

I've been horribly lazy lately and, in fact, simply haven't felt much like writing. Or posting. Or doing anything with my porn collection other than wanking to it. So after an unacceptably long hiatus, I bring you the artwork of one of my favorite kink artists I've ever happened upon.

The amazing thing about artwork is that there are no real mistakes. Or rather, an artist 's concepts are unfettered by practicality and reality. Overall a given image may not be physically possible, but the elements of the image surging through the artist's head(s) when he concocted the position are almost always adaptable.

Joe T's work (at least what I've seen of it) almost always plays with some mixture between rigid/fixed and simply restrictive. The concept of having some of your body 100% immobilized while the rest of you has some freedom, but not enough to affect the rigidly fixed part, has always struck a chord with me. I've always loved his work, and it certainly helps that he has a series of pieces that are basically illustrated Academy porn.

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