Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hypno-Pup Fantasy

Lately I’ve been toying around with some hypno ideas that relate to pup play. The end goal is basically to be susceptible enough that I can neither resist being put into headspace nor remove myself from it on my own once there; to try to fight it and end up losing. Hypno might not be as powerful as a lot of people are led to believe, but it can definitely lay bare some deeply-rooted desires and instill some fairly strong inclinations. Given that I enjoy pup headspace immensely once there, I imagine stoking that fire could produce some interesting results.

Pup play for me is kind of the opposite of how I approach pain play. With pain play there is little direct enjoyment, but I derive a great deal of pleasure from the resulting dynamic. When it comes to pup play, I enjoy the fuck out of the headspace when I can find it but would rather be myself in most situations. Amping up compulsions to where I actively have to (or literally can’t) fight being thrown into headspace is pretty hot and dehumanizing, especially since it could completely neuter my notedly fiery nature. A friend jokingly commented that if the triggers become strong enough it could feasibly end any argument I’m involved in. Truth be told I’d actually love for the triggers to be so deeply-ingrained I could be forced from a heated argument to a pup begging pitifully for belly rubs.

I had a visual of how I expected things to develop: essentially feeling like being hooded is locking my human side in a cell. I could see myself begging with my eyes for the hood not to go on because I was enjoying the social setting, but otherwise being frozen and unable to stop it, feeling my thoughts dull as the hood is secured. I could see that “Please, no?” look washing away as I get scritches, falling to all fours - unconsciously wagging and probably barking for more when they stop. Then just completely gone for an hour or two without a thought or word, just a series of feelings and impulses and heartfelt barks.

A friend sent me a story based on some fairly intense hypno control that reflects a similar compulsion for an unwilling person to become a pup. Enjoying it as thoroughly as I did I figured it begged sharing. Kudos to Hypnoslave-boy on Tumblr for the story.

One second I was running along my usual route, and the next, I woke up on the ground with my head throbbing and something strange on my neck. I rolled over so I could push myself up. I felt at my neck, my hand feeling leather. At the front of my neck, I felt a small metal part, like a tag. I hurried to tear it off, tear this collar off. How did it get on me?

“It’s no use. That collar might as well be part of your skin now,” someone said.

I whipped around, and saw a man my age sitting near me. He looked so casual, so comfortable, so satisfied. He smiled at the sight of me struggling.

“You’re my property now,” he said.

If we weren’t in this situation, I’d be admiring his perfect facial structure, his lean muscles, his well-kept clothes and hair. But no, I had to get this collar off. It seemed like he was right though. I couldn’t manage to get my fingers under the collar. It was stuck there.

“What the hell did you do?” I growled at him.

He laughed. “It doesn’t matter. You’ll only be upset about it a bit longer.”

“What do you—”

He leaned forward and scratched behind my ear, and I lost all focus. I leaned into his hand as it scratched me. I felt a grin take form on my face, and my cock start to harden. Damn, it felt so good. I wanted him to keep scratching.

He stopped.

I felt the flood of reality return to my mind.

“What the hell was that?”

“You’re my dog now,” he said matter-of-factly.

Fuck, he looked so satisfied, like everything was right in the world. He was taking so much pleasure in… whatever he was doing to me. And while I wanted to run and get help, to scream, all I could think about was how much I wanted him to scratch me again.

That’s when I noticed I had never stood up. I’d been on all fours this entire time. He must’ve seen my eyes widen when I noticed this, because he laughed again. Wow, I loved the sound of his laugh. It was so confident, so familiar. I shook my head. No, I hated his laugh.

“You see, it’s really happening. Whether you believe it or not. You couldn’t stand if you wanted to.”

I didn’t want to. For some reason, I was content on all fours. But I forced myself to try to stand anyway. It didn’t work.

“Come here, boy,” he commanded.

My body moved before I could stop it, but I didn’t really want to stop anyway. I couldn’t make myself want to stop, even though somewhere in my barely-human mind, I knew this was wrong. When I got to him, he moved so he could scratch my ear with one hand and play with my cock with the other. Even with him just touching my growing cock through my shorts, it felt incredible.

“Let’s get you home, boy,” he said. “I want to play with my new pup boy’s cock.”

As I started to follow him, still on all fours, I heard a dog barking somewhere nearby. That dog was me.