Sunday, February 5, 2012


This video has been rapidly becoming a favorite of mine. On top of becoming more interested in bastinado as a form of abuse, I've been told by the maker of the video that this was a no safeword scene with a boy who had played previously with him and used a safeword. As the video progresses, this should become apparent. Although I didn't intend it to be a follow-up on my previous entry, it certainly falls under "be careful what you wish for."


  1. I think there more people that do this than admit to it........ I think it is an excellent follow-up to "be careful what you wish for". As a primary Dom I think that it is good for a guy to get more than they wish for at some point during their experimental days. Not only does it reduce their problems negotiating a scene - but it helps them to be reminded of what kind of a predicament it is to be placed in bondage.

    I have been reading about WW-II information extraction techniques and bastinado was used in prolong questioning / interrogation. One foot took the major focus and questioning in the standing position produced fear. I read in one Russian prison, the captured German spies were showed the people that were still crawling to get their food before the interrogation would begin.

    It is an entirely different scenario than voluntary bondage but it shows some history under 'predicament and duress'. Towards the end of WW II the US, UK & Soviet allies were wanting all the answers. I bet this was a VERY efficacious method of inducing "long-term bondage and sensory deprivation".