Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Shock Collar (Part 1)

I showed up to his place with my dog shock collar on the underside of my balls, a padlock making it so I couldn't take it off. With the prongs digging in, I also couldn't exactly just pull it off like a cockring. It was going to be a somewhat casual scene, no real intended atmosphere or overtones. He loved having his feet worshiped for really long periods of time, and I knew I usually get bored with it after about 10-15 min or so - maybe 30 if I'm insanely horny. The goal was to have him see how vigoriously I worked my tongue while I was actually into it at the start, and shock me any time my tongue slowed down. He wasn't that used to D/s dynamics so me being free meant if I got super annoyed with it I'd find a way to talk myself out of it, so I brought a sleepsack so I couldn't possibly escape and a hood, well .. just for fun.

The rules were simple: slow down, I get shocked. Stop licking, I get shocked more. Try to talk or protest, the intensity gets turned up a notch and I get shocked until I shut up. At no point was it to ever go down, so it was bound to make me weigh any objection more carefully. Also, it was very clear that the collar was only to be used for these corrections, not random sadism. It conveniently had a "high" and "low" button, so it gave him more wiggle room to correct me.

It started well enough, me stripping down and then getting into the sleepsack and hood, which had a large mouth opening so he could still easily make use of my tongue. I knew he had really hot feet and was already hard by the time I was getting into the sleepsack, and he gave it a few strokes as I started positioning myself. As I was getting in he left the foot zipper undone and kept my feet out which seemed strange given the simple nature of the scene, but I didn't really think anything of it. Once I was secured, he gave me a shock - presumably to test how strong I had set it. I grunted; he was breaking one of the rules a bit, but it was understandable. Then he shocked me again.


I was more than a little pissed at the flagrant disregard for the rules, and already wanting to call it quits. If I weren't in the sleepsack I'd have tried to walk away to find my clothes.

"This is NOT" *zap*

I yelped, loudly. He had fucking followed one rule while breaking another, turning up the juice. I was gritting my teeth and breathing heavily, probably sounding like a bull about to charge. Then I feel his foot in my face. "Fuck that," I'm thinking, and keep my jaw clenched.


Jaw still clenched, breathing heavier now and making sure to not give him the satisfaction of a grunt or yelp.


Even holding it for a second or two was painful enough for me to get to licking like a champ. I must've looked almost like a dog lapping at water I was licking so intensely, the adrenaline from the shock causing me to be a bit over-zealous. After a minute or so he pulls his foot away and I hear him walk off. When he returned he clamped a pair of forceps on my nipples. I grimaced a bit since they were a little firmer than I was used to, but not unbearable. That is until he tied my toes together and then attached them to the forceps, pulling as taut as possible. I actually whimpered a little because I really wasn't expecting anything like that from what we'd discussed.


"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Just reflex, I couldn't help it. I hear the remote click up another notch.


I start to panic a little because the remote's already higher than I thought it would get even later in the scene. Instinctively, I start trying to struggle my way out of the sleepsack despite it being impossible. Now I can't even bend my legs to inchworm away since it pulls the forceps. Fuck. He puts his foot back in my face and I hesitate due to a mixture of anger and simply being overwhelmed.


Back to licking like a champ. Fucking asshole. Worse yet his feet are so hot I'm getting hard again and can't stay angry because of it. He keeps me licking for a good 10-15 minutes or so, then decides he'd rather edge me.

"Let me know when you get close; that's the only time you can speak," the first thing he's said since I was hooded.

He'd gotten me horny enough servicing his feet that it didn't take more than 45 seconds or so to get close. I really wanted to get his feet back in my face since I hadn't gotten bored with it yet, and that also drove me getting there so easy.

"I'm ... " *ZAP*

His hand comes off my cock as he shocks me, and I completely lose being close to orgasm. I couldn't even finish saying "I'm close," for god's sake. I'm breathing pretty heavily at this point because I know what this means: basically, me speaking as I get close is like I'm pressing the button myself. He must've repeated this at least two or three dozen times, at which point I'd whimper and almost sob any time he touched my cock, knowing it'll invariably lead to me being shocked. If I could speak I'd be begging profusely .. not even to get off, just for him to not edge me any more and leave my cock alone. 

Eventually, instead of just zapping me he holds down the button and keeps stroking. I couldn't help but scream "NO" several times like a yapping dog, and I felt the charge increase as he continued to hold the button. This was enough to make me incapable of forming words and it changed instead to a guttural howl. 

When the charge subsided, my balls were empty and my body was able to relax. My nipples also got a bit of relief from my knees pulling as I fought. I'd figured he might end up being a bit more vanilla and, despite how intense he'd been so far, had an inkling that this might be the end of the scene. At the very least I sure as fuck didn't have any desire to have his feet back in my face any more .. and then that's exactly what I got. I at least had the good sense to start licking instead of being stubborn, but


"Not good enough," that's what that jolt said. "I don't give a shit if you think you're done," rang clear with that jolt. I lost track of how many times he ended up shocking me, but it felt like it was about every fucking 5 minutes that I'd lose steam worshiping and get shocked. It was hellish .. this thing that I would normally love being turned against me, morphed into this tedious marathon I hated. And there I was, stuck worshiping his feet with no way to stop or even speak out. Indefinitely. Fuck.


  1. Holy fuck, that is intense and hot in so many dark ways. What kind of shocker was used?

  2. Ha .. only half of the story is accurate; it was meant to be more a piece of fantasy. Either way, the shocker involved was one of the SportDog collars meant for extra-large dogs.