Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy 100k!

Been taking a little bit of a break if people hadn't taken notice, but getting to the end of that since I'm starting to feel back into the groove a bit. Noticed the other day that I'd hit over 100k views here on the blog, so I thought I'd celebrate with some "new" pics. They're from CLAW last year when I had the good fortune of rooming with Tyger and Daemon; anyone familiar with their work should recognize it from the pics. CLAW's loads of fun and, though I believe the main hotel is booked, you should definitely consider making an appearance if you're reasonably close to Cleveland. If not, consider looking at your calendar for next year; it sounds random because it's in Cleveland but it's currently my favorite event.


  1. All these pics are f***ing hot. I'd love to have each others feet tied to each others faces. Or I guess I can just have you worshiping mine. But I do think I'd have to sample your soles & toes a bit while I had you tied up...