Monday, February 4, 2013


The last few weeks I've been working with a triad of friends (3-way polyamorous relationship) to train their new pit mix puppy. My dog is a pretty big asshole to adult dogs, and usually puppies are so terrified of him that they just roll over onto their backs and present themselves. This little girl, however, was so interested in perpetually licking his jowls that he ended up essentially tackling her and biting her in the snout. Usually this is how a parent will correct puppies if they get really out of line, and it's a pretty intense experience; something 2-3x as big as you lunging at you and biting you in the face. Needless to say, if she got too vigorous with licking him after that she would back away a few feet the second he lifted his lip in a snarl.

When dealing with dynamics not constrained to bondage or even the bedroom, a similar experience can be very useful keeping a boy in line - no, I don't mean actually biting him in the face. A friend I met over MAL had a story about his girlfriend/Domme catching him with a female friend sitting in his lap in the middle of a vanilla/platonic game night. She politely asked the girl to get up and once She was clear She proceeded to grab him by the neck throw him to the floor, planting a foot firmly on his neck. Needless to say, the lessen sank in and he hasn't done it again.

Point being: something that assaults your senses so fully to the point where every muscle in your body is trying to respond and you have no idea what the fuck is going on, it's a pretty overpowering experience. Of course there are other ways, but if your goal is an incredibly timid sub it's helpful to have something so sudden and staggering sitting quietly at the back of their mind.


  1. Interesting story, but I'd just like to point out, if the man had done that to the woman, he'd probably have gone to jail.

  2. Master is ten inches taller than me and he looks like a professional body builder, which is his natural build. He's very strong, a martial artist and a fitness junkie besides being intelligent and intensely demanding. I have no chance against him when he man handles me. I like that feeling. Just knowing that he can easily command me makes me want to serve him. There is a certain security in it.