Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Huge Feet

I'm not sure if it's a straight thing or if it applies to some homos, but some people who are into feet like them small and .. well, I guess dainty. Since it's a means of humiliation for me I like 'em big; it's really hot when a guys shoving his foot in your face and his toes can still curl over your head as you're licking the middle of his sole. It's not necessary, but it definitely makes it feel like there's more power involved.

On hook up sites you'll see pretty often guys posting pictures of their cock next to beer bottles or soda cans, putting coins on the cockhead or - and I still don't understand this one - red solo cups. In the bios for the guys on foot sites, they usually list a shoe size for people who really care that much, but "Size 15" (the first guy) doesn't quite put things in perspective. Apparently some guys into feet have started using a similar approach, which I find pretty amusing ... and arousing.


  1. Really? I seem to notice most feet guys want 'em big. I feel I'm in the minority that I like the small.

    Actually, I take that back. I don't care what size they are. I'm more about condition. As long as they are smooth and smelly, I don't care if they're big, small, thick, or skinny. Smooth and smelly has got me.

  2. I'm more after a well formed shape no matter the size. Narrow heel, good arch nice curve to the outside of the foot (if looking at the sole) and a good bow across the toes if you were to draw a curved line connecting the longest point of each toe on paper. Now, proportionately make this bigger or smaller and I'll take it from microscopic to head-crushingly huge. Outside of shape, meaty is better than boney.