Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have the good fortune of being KinkyDaemon's demo boy during his ropework classes this CLAW. It was a blast last year, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. One of the classes focuses on hogties, so I figured I'd talk about them here as well for any not able to attend the class.

Hogties - with spread-eagle ties as a close second - are pretty much the most common bondage position. They're prevalent enough that it's easy to find videos on YouTube of straight guys ganging up on a friend to forcibly hogtie him. Unfortunately, because it's such a common position, not many people take the time to consider the options when it comes to the position.While it is a pretty simple position, how you tie a boy's wrists and ankles can have a huge impact on how the position affects him, so we'll look at each separately:

Wrists - there are three ways to bind someone's hands for a hogtie: crossed, parallel vertically, and parallel horizontally. Most people immediately think of tying wrists crossed when it comes to a hogtie, which is fine. It's the most versatile of the three because you can either restrain the crossed wrists to the boy's ankles, or use a rope harness to pin them further up his back so he can't use his hands to protect his ass. Alternatively, if you tie him so that his wrists are parallel you can limit his ability to throw his weight around using his shoulders. It's also easier to restrain a guy's arms at the elbows using this method, with some hogtie fanatics making sure the boy's elbows almost (or actually) touch. Finally, you can tie a boy's wrists parallel to each other but perpendicular to his body. This method offers both of the good aspects of the previous two; helps limit movement and leaves the ass exposed. Unfortunately, this can be problematic when tying boys with limited flexibility due to how sharply it boxes the boy's arms, and even in more limber boys it can affect the longevity of the position.

Ankles - there are also three different ways to tie ankles: crossed, parallel, or each tied/strapped to its respective thigh. If you tie a guy's ankles crossed, it limits his ability to bring his knees together. This can be useful if you want him flipped on his side so he can't protect his cock/balls. It can also make it more difficult for him to roll himself over since it broadens his base, and you can also pull his cock down into the opening between his legs when he's on his stomach. Tying his ankles parallel can help make him into a smaller, tighter package, but it's slightly less versatile since the legs have no room to move whatsoever. My personal favorite is having my ankles tied to my thighs. This method is the most versatile of the three, since you can always add more rope to get them like you want, whether it's tying them together afterwards or tying them apart to the sides of the bed. It's also worth noting this variant is best-suited for if you also want to have a boy kneel for more than a moment while he's hogtied.

There're a few miscellaneous things to keep in mind like only flat rope on a boy's chest (knots will press really uncomfortably), finding ways to keep knots away from the boy's hands, or how to do an entire hogtie with a single piece of 50' rope, but if you're paying attention to why you're doing what you're doing they should fall in place just through experimenting. The more you pay attention to how the body moves when restraining a boy, the more you can learn about how to counteract his natural range of motion to more adequately restrain him.

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  1. Awesome post. I will definitely link to this one. And I'm so jealous you've been hogged by Kinky Daemon. He's on my wish list for sure. Well, you too. ;)