Monday, April 8, 2013


My leather sleepsack is easily one of my favorite pieces of gear. While mummification can actually be pretty newbie-friendly with a little bit of instruction, not only are there very few ways you can screw up putting someone in a sleepsack, a good one is absolutely inescapable no matter how unskilled the top is with bondage. It's a nice transition for guys who think they might have a sadistic side but feel insecure because of their inexperience in bondage. It's somewhat less practical to own one as a Dom since boys come in all different sizes, but if you're a sub who tries to be patient with new Doms like myself it's a really worthwhile piece of gear to add to your collection despite the price. There're some less costly rubber or neoprene ones, but since I'm a huge fighter at times I stuck with leather. For anyone who's less of a fighter, the rubber/neoprene ones definitely open up some fun options like watersports.


  1. I could see myself having a "dommie" side with a guy in a sleepsack. They seem super kinky, though, I've had 0 experience in that regard. What's the longest you spent in one? Were you "entertained" the whole time or left to your own imagination for periods?

  2. Longest I've been in a sleepsack was just overnight, so around 8 hours or so. The guy was right next to me and sleeping too, but he'd occasionally play with my nips or otherwise try to frustrate me since I was in chastity. Got to service his feet in the morning which was nice. O;-)