Thursday, April 4, 2013


Recently I had a itch to build a new bedframe. Having seen some awesome playrooms like LondonRopeTop's and MplsGuy's, I decided to go with using iron pipes and Kee Klamps. They sell fittings that are hinged so they can be added on to existing framework, meaning the bed could easily be expanded into an entire playroom.

At any rate, having suspension capabilities for the first time in years has had me really hankerin to be haignin midair. It's great because in adding an extra dimension to the mix, the possibilities are endless. It takes a lot of skill to do suspension with just rope, but there are some really nice suspension harnesses out there for instance. I personally love that you can have someone tied so they can wriggle around like a fish on a hook, or tied more rigidly while suspended in midair. The former is really great for something like electro or IcyHot where no matter what the boy does it won't make a damned bit of difference, but the latter is great for inescapable cbt, wax play, spanking, etc. Either way, the subject isn't going anywhere.

Also, bonus points for anyone who can guess what the horizontal bar in the foreground is for. O:-)


  1. I don't know about you, but I'd use it to secure a slave's balls, or to prop up his feet for bastinado. Curious to know what you'd use it for if it's not those two...

  2. The latter in this case. It's meant to make using a cane or similar implement more ergonomic. O;-)