Monday, March 25, 2013


The first fetish event I ever went to was Mr. International Rubber, and I'd had my eye on rubber for a few years before that. There's just something about how sleek and shiny it looks that always caught my eye. When I finally had the good fortune to try out some rubber at MIR that year, I found the sensation is just as amazing as it looks. A lot of people really like the tightness and constriction, which I still think is hot, but for me the best part is the slide and slipperyness when it's amply lubed. There's just something really hot about how reducing friction turns every touch into a massage - like getting a back rub with tons of massage oil.

Whatever the case, there's tons of reasons people like rubber (including practicality when it comes to ass play and watersports), but when it comes to the tactile feel of it you just have to try it out yourself. People are also quick to point out that it's often cheaper than leather but in my opinion the gear is so different, apparel-wise, that you can't really suggest substituting one for the other. It's also worth noting that there are very few communities as open and welcoming as the rubber community; always happy to answer questions, and even happier to gear up some fresh meat.

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  1. i'ld like to be my-self wearing that rubber and in that situation too, please contact me at "Gay universe chat", my nick is "leatherpuppydog", thank You a lot for pics