Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If you've ever spent any time on Gearfetish or any similar sites that welcome gearheads of any kind, you'd have seen sneakers are a REALLY common fetish. I definitely find an aesthetic quality to a hot pair of sneakers or skate shoes, but usually it stems equally from a nice, masculine pair of legs sticking out of them. Other than that I regard them pretty much the same as I do socks; hot to look at, but that's the end of it.

As far as fetishes go, it's an unusually diverse one; some like the aesthetic, some like the smell, some like the tactile feel, others (*whistles innocently*) prefer them as a means to humiliate and degrade. I've seen guys jerk off onto them, fuck them with a Fleshlight stuffed inside, get stepped on and forced to lick them in the mud, have them duct taped to their face, hang them from a guy's balls, longingly sniff them .. the list goes on. Maybe there's just something in the water, but I figured I'd bring it up to get a few of you randy.