Thursday, March 14, 2013


One of the first twinges I felt regarding feet was when a friend showed me an XY magazine while we were teenagers. It was years before the thought of humiliation would enter a single fantasy, but it's an image that's been burned into my mind ever since. The issue was titled "Power," and it was clear the image of a foot almost coming down on the camera was intended to convey this image. Now that I'm a bit more in touch with my submissive side, the mere physicality of a man's foot bearing down on you is hot as fuck. Unlike being degraded through serving as furniture which requires a degree of willingness, when a man has the entirety of his weight to push down on your face or throat or even chest, he probably won't even have to go a quarter of the way there. Not a choice, a requirement; stay down.

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  1. If I'd have had the money they were charging at an LA foot party he was at I'd have been able to worship this guys feet. One of my life's biggest regrets. It was hot to watch, though. I also have this issue. of xy