Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dick's Fapository - Dehumanization Edition (Part 2)

The second half of the dehumanization fantasies! These are more based on degradation aside from pain from a more psychological approach.

Clothes are for People:
Kept naked and in chastity through entire scene, ideally with belongings locked away. Either out of punishment or pure sadism end up forced into potentially public setting still naked. Could be having to stand in hallway outside door for several minutes, taken to car naked and getting driven home nude, etc. anything that makes nudity a panic-inducing condition is fair game.

Forced Piss Pig:
Duct tape over eyes, dental gag holding mouth open, either bolted to the floor using pipe fittings or anything with head as thoroughly immobilized. Forced to suck cock and eventually pissed on while unable to even turn head away or close mouth.

Good Puppy:
End up in a public situation with a shock collar on for basic protocol (arms behind back, kneeling next to Dom, etc.). Instead guy ends up using it to force pup posture, barking, and tricks. Handler increasingly raises bar for expectation of behavior, eventually shocking even for things like noticing attentiveness to conversation (dogs can’t eavesdrop). Also shocks for failure to exhibit believable excitement when others give scritches or request tricks, and must be pup to everyone.

Just a Toy:
Over a long-term or weekend scene, a hood is locked on before removing restraints. Once released (or while being released) hands mitted and locked behind back and legs shackled as well as re-applying electro contacts if necessary. Led to cage and aggressively forced in before it is locked. Tape applied around electro contacts and box inputs to prevent any potential for removal. Throat mic is put back on to ensure inability to yell for help or similar unless it is an emergency. Once rested, captor returns with obvious intent to inflict more pain.

No Rest For the Wicked:
Hood is locked on and chain/collar is run to ceiling hook above toilet. Arms remain free but legs are chained of tied to base of toilet. Additionally, thin rope run from balls under seat and secured to base of toilet to prevent standing. Potentially good opportunity for forced enemas, could simply cuff arms behind back or to chain collar to keep out of way.

Proper Foot Bitch:
Naked and in chastity w/ shock collar and pinch collar at a party. Hands cuffed in front (for rubbing feet) and legs shackled with no limits to pain that can be inflicted for disobedience. Not allowed make eye contact or to speak unless being instructed to ask permission to service feet. Needs at least one designated person to trigger remote if eye contact is made or in the event of verbalizing. Any reluctance to either worship or request permission that the collar can’t enforce results in being pinned down by as many guys as necessary with heavy face slapping, gut punching, spanking, etc. or choking to cut off screaming or protesting.

Remote-Controlled Service:
Forced foot worship scene while mitted using shock collar to encourage eager licking. Guy gets good enough to force licking so eagerly it’s hard to keep up, then puts a pinch collar on. Proceeds to use shock collar for forced cock worship and getting fucked instead of foot worship. Eventually likely to protest or try to resist shocks, and pinch collar is there to constrict and induce panic that preoccupies mitts as they uselessly paw at the collar.

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