Monday, September 5, 2016

Dick's Fapository - Mindfuck Edition

I spend a lot of time fantasizing. One of my favorite things to do is sculpt scenes that have limited variables to allow Doms the freedom to explore their sadistic side without the burden of doubt. Some of the scenes I came up with while trying to cater to this lack of confidence turned out to be viable as a part of larger scenes with more confident Doms. I figured I would sort and catalog some of them in the event that anyone else might enjoy partaking in them - or subjecting me to them. There are two other "categories" I plan on posting after this, so stay tuned if these pique your interest.

These scenes are intended to challenge how the victim would normally process or respond to stimuli. Whether it’s feeling dread at the onset of pleasure or having to will oneself to quell a deeply ingrained natural response, it should be such a counter-intuitive experience that it is mentally exhausting. As far as intensity goes, these have the most bang for your buck; because of the extra added mental strain, the need for physical intensity is diminished to create the same level of strain.

For those unfamiliar, the throat mic mentioned in some these scenarios is an induction microphone that will only pick up noises from the sub's vocal cords as opposed to ambient noise. The result is that instead of being randomly shocked, the sub feels an overwhelming compulsion to prevent himself from vocalizing. Fantasies after the jump.

Active Storage:
ErosTek 312 box on split channel. Set to ramp-up with one channel on a varied intensity mode with the second channel on audio using a throat mic. Ideally in a very rigid, isolated bondage setup (bondage box, bolted to floor, sleepsacked in closet, etc) where it is apparent no one will stop the constant intensifying.

Cock Rape:
Edging scene with throat mic setup; penalty for getting off is the electro going up 20 notches and having balls beat while overjacked for a full minute before the scene resumes. No other pain or electro may be administered outside of these criteria: balls get beat 15 seconds and box goes up a notch if unable to get fully erect for a minute, when getting close twice within 5 strokes, or if unable to say “I’m close, Sir” in its entirety. After signaling being close, cock or device cannot be touched for 15 seconds. In the event protesting or trying to end the scene occurs, the electro may progressively be turned up to max as needed.

Desperately Immobile:
Strapped down in sleepsack with nipples and feet left out. Toes pulled back and tied to nipple forceps, pulley rig going from head to balls so if head is lifted tension on balls increases. If the forceps pull off, they are immediately replaced. Throat mic optional. For an inexperienced Dom can exclusively use rubber bands on soles to encourage pushing further with something that won’t cause lasting harm.

Intermittent Torment:
Tied down with specific area of torture immobilized. Audio file with two parts selected and a random amount of time between each time it is played (could be randomized playlist w/ silent tracks). Any time file plays, immobilized area begins getting hurt. Throughout the second half the intensity is increased as high as possible. Can do other lighter play activities between tracks, but as soon as first half starts playing dread will sink in knowing what is coming and that it can’t be stopped. Suddenly the restraints seem tighter and limbs more immobile even before anything happens.

Lesser of Two Evils:
Hooded with heavy sen-dep hood to minimize ability to object. Placed in double-rigid irons or stocks face-down in order to get ass stuck in the air. Balls pulled as taut as possible and tied to center of restraint until ass can’t move without increasing tension on balls. Hole gets fucked as much as top wants, balls getting slapped as hard as necessary to dissuade objections. Caning or paddling ass is acceptable as an additional means of introducing pain that is greater than any discomfort from being fucked.

Pup on Demand:
Basic pain scene in any bondage position safe for throat mic. Manual adjust is turned down to where it will allow whimpering but not any grunting, talking, yelling, or growling. Abused normally as intensely as the top wants, ideally trying to push enough for whimpering to be feasible despite wanting very badly to be louder. If successfully only whimper for several minutes, given scritches, bellyrubs, or other pup-oriented positive reinforcement to further headspace. This has the potential for a shock collar and mitts to be added before being freed, with being forced to pup out as an alternative to proper aftercare.

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