Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dick's Fapository - Dehumanization Edition (Part 1)

These scenes aim to remove any consideration someone would normally give an equal. The goal is to very clearly establish that the sub’s enjoyment is immaterial and they are simply a tool to be used for another’s pleasure, amusement, or benefit. While the dynamic outside of the scene (or between scenes) can be very affectionate, these require a great deal of compartmentalization to diminish the sub to where they are nothing. The first half if this set is more oriented towards scenes pertaining to my recent "Dehumanization Through Pain" post.

After any heavy abuse scene, only released partially (to prevent escape) while transitioning to handcuffs behind back and leg irons. Collar/neck locked to eye-bolt in floor by chain so head can’t be picked up more than an inch or two. Potentially pissed on whether exclusively in face or all over, but no matter what left alone for a while without so much as a “You did well, boy.”

Confusion Embodied:
Scene with a Dom who is bilingual. High protocol with all instructions in language that is not understood. Very severe implements used like stun guns and cattle prods, with absolutely no sympathy for failure to understand commands.

Heavy hood locked on along with mitts and soft ankle restraints as well as shock collar. Unrestrained pain play from face-slapping to chest punching to forceful meat-grabbing. Occasional protocol requests regarding body placement (arms behind back, hands behind head, legs spread, etc.), and periodically thrown to ground for trampling. Misbehavior met with ever-increasing intensity like foot on neck or stepping on wrists while chest is slapped. Shock collar reserved exclusively to prevent vocalizing or verbally protesting. Could lead to aggressive hole claiming or could also include multiple Doms.

Sir is Unmoved by Your Plight:
Handcuffed and shackled with chains locked together. Pinch collar around neck and shock collar on balls without chastity so cock is free to be abused. Given instructions to look at boots, feet, or similar fixed point that requires keeping head down. Could also have balls tied with loose rope end so it can be stepped on to force crouch and keep legs spread, or nipple forceps with a chain so can be yanked to floor by nipples instead of neck. Face slapped, cock slapped (ideally with hard implement like thin paddle), and thighs slapped with balls getting shocked any time eyes are not where they are supposed to be. If cannot calm down anger, can be pulled to ground and head or neck stepped on or otherwise held down while shocking balls as much as necessary to get the point across. If anger is still present when face-slapping resumes, thrown back to floor for a repeat.

Think Twice:
Fuck up somehow like trying to escape or getting too stubborn. Chain locked around neck or to collar, dragged upward and aggressively so constant pressure is on neck and almost having to walk on tip-toes. Led under eye-bolt, chain locked taut enough that constant pressure is still on neck even when standing on toes. Arms restrained and pulled either up towards shoulders or away from body. Ass, thighs, balls, chest, or anything reachable ruthlessly beat at least to tears. Could add additional torture methods like throwing a bucket of ice water or spikes under feet, or introducing other implements like stun gun or cattle prod.

Worthless Meat:
Standing predicament bondage position with heavy hood locked on; legs separated by spreader bar, arms behind back tied to ceiling, balls tied to spreader bar to force a deep crouch. Nipple clamps or forceps added, then ass and thighs either heavily paddled, belted, or similarly brutalized as well as heavy CBT. When legs cannot tolerate standing any longer, either fucked or forced to take a dildo/plug.

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