Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boot Trampling

Skin contact, for most people, is a pretty sensual thing; the warmth, the texture, the connection .. it's a great feeling. For me that extends to foot worship when I'm feeling subby, most of it is the tactile feel of skin. When a dude's wearing boots, it removes that sensation. So something like trampling which, if done barefoot, might have that nice aspect of skin contact becomes only about the control; just a hard, cold, uncomfortable pressure on you pinning you to the ground. Having a Dom's boot pressing down on your neck for having the gall to try and sit up can definitely make you reconsider doubting that your place is on the floor beneath Him.


  1. What I love best about your posts is they put you into the sub's mind. The why instead of the how. It's not just "this is hot!" - which, of course, it is, it says what you get from it. Always a worthwhile read.

  2. Glad you enjoy! I think because sex isn't naturally cerebral people forget about the "why." It's just as important for a sub to understand the why for his own personal development as it is for the Dom so he can make sure things are being done in the proper context. Whatever the case, good to hear you find it helpful instead of vexing. :-)