Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From a Reader

Occasionally I get quick emails from folks saying "nice blog," etc which is always nice - it always puts a smile on my face - but today I received an email that quite frankly made my day:

"I've thanked you for your blog but I felt guilty about how little effort I'd put into it, so I had to elaborate a little. I'm sure you get tons of messages, so I'll try to be brief: Thank you very much for writing your blog. I've never found a BDSM blog which I can truly identify with like yours before, and your skill in writing about them makes every post a joy to read.

I always felt a little alone about my BDSM identity, since I never found a Dom who truly "got" this (long story, but it's difficult for me to try lots of people because I have to think about discretion). It always felt like I was trapped between two chairs; the cheap porn film-style theatrical but hollow kink, and the people who seemed to offer what I want but just didn't seem very sane.

In a way, you've made me much more confident because you've been able to so wonderfully put it into writing your reflections around a process I'm going through, too - but from the vantage point of someone way further up that hill (and in an environment where you've been way freer to experiment). It's given me some great new angles to see this stuff from when trying to figure out what I really like about this. It's intelligent and manages to be free of the theatrics that I sometimes thought were inexorably linked to the more serious stuff.

If you're ever in [town] I'd love to grab a beer with you - and if I ever find myself in Illinois maybe we could do the same."

He also went on to say that some of the writing had made him consider the other side of the equation as well, which is always a plus in my books; the more Doms the merrier! At any rate, it's always good to hear of guys who are making progress in their kinky development and becoming confident with who they are.

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