Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For such a simple setup, chair ties really have a lot of potential. For starters, availability; anyone who doesn't live in a studio apartment probably has a chair somewhere in their abode. The boy's arms can be tied a variety of ways, some of which even allow you to flip the chair over onto its back without hurting his arms. If you tie his legs down the legs it can be pretty solid, but if you keep his legs on the sides of the seat and pull them up not only can he not pull his legs together to protect his balls, he also can't use his feet to move the chair. If you really want to, you can even run a rope or chain under the chair from his wrists or head to his balls to incorporate some predicament bondage. On top of that, a guy's nipples are always vulnerable, it's great for tickling if you tie his arms right, damn good for edging and cbt, and taping or strapping a guy's legs down the chair's legs with it flipped on its back works almost as well as stocks do for bastinado. Oh, and did I mention they're great for self-bondage like in Helplessness? O;-)

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