Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My humiliation-oriented interest in feet has turned up a lot of images depicting objectification. Usually I'll come across boys being used as footrests, but occasionally I'll find some of tables or chairs or other misc uses. I find the idea of being used as a footrest pretty hot since it's a perfect extension of foot service humiliation. Alternate to just being furniture, it's really hot when a Dom is able to wholly disregard his boy. I once had a guy who made me service his feet for about half an hour while he talked to his real estate agent about his condo. I've had guys do it while watching TV but for him to actually be working on something made it even hotter. Essentially, being treated like an object but still having to serve vigorously is an even bigger mindfuck for me. Fun fact; the guy in the first picture is the one talking to his realtor. I hope that pic makes a few of my sub readers jealous. O;-)


  1. Very nice! Makes me a bit more anxious to play with you one day. I could use a living footrest I can disregard. :P

  2. Very, very jealous. Third from the bottom is my favorite though. Entirely disinterested and cute....that and I have this major fascination of being dommed by a smaller guy (I'm a pretty decent sized burly guy) - kind of a "turn about is fair play" thing.

  3. I have done this before, although it was more while he was playing League of Legends :-p not bad but it was nice being under his computer desk while he played. He also wanted to take me to work and hide me under his desk. :D