Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where You Belong

Cultivating an atmosphere of subjugation in a scene is incredibly important to me. Whether it's using humiliation to drill into a boy's head that he's below you (see my Types of Humiliation post) or ensuring that the playspace is distraction-free and conducive to play, atmosphere is a significant part of the equation. Physical positioning is always an easy, subtle way to do this; a collar chained so a boy can't stand, tying a boy so he's stuck laying on the floor, requiring a boy to kneel with his head down, etc. Being lower will always put you at a physical disadvantage, and when you find a boot on your neck as you try to sit up from the floor the fact you're in an inferior position is pretty strong.

Usually I try not to read into many photos that don't involve bondage, but every now and then there are a few photos which just scream "This is where you belong, boy." Whether or not that was the intent of the photo I can't say, but holy hell I'd love to be where the camera was in any of those photos.

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