Thursday, January 17, 2013


Lately I've been thinking a lot about playcations. Specifically ones where instead of a boy I'm more of a slave or a captive; no rights, my enjoyment is immaterial, and no escape. It's a hot concept but in terms of logistics it can get rather complicated; there's eating, bathroom time, and the fact that Doms need rest too. With the right space, a lot of the weekend can just be a boy left chained somewhere with remote supervision. There's also tons of humiliation possibilities that can come into play like leaving a boy chained to a cement floor until he pisses himself, or hosting a party where the captive boy is naked and hooded just as a conversation piece. The real kicker for me is that you have no opportunity to humanize yourself; no conversations over dinner to find common ground, no discussions about what is working and what isn't, no asserting that you've had too much and need to take it easy for a bit. You're just left with the knowledge that the second you set foot on that plane, you don't get to change your mind about anything for a long time.


  1. I've seen a lot of stories/conversations about captivity. At the surface it seems hot; but, I think I'd get incredibly bored within 30 minutes. What's the longest you've ever been tied/caged and just left to your own imagination?

  2. I think that's actually half the fun. Normally I do get bored fairly quickly, but in a situation where you've been abused extensively prior to the alone time I imagine one's thoughts would take a different form.

    Most I've ever been left alone was maybe two hours in a closet on a playcation, possibly less. It was a bit more casual and I spent my time trying to untie myself and spitting out a sock that was under a tape gag. Couldn't fully untie myself but my captor opened the door to find me in a different position and unaware the sock was gone.

  3. I guess a couple hours, sock gagged and with an objective (and perhaps after abuse) would be hot in that regard. Your predicament stories come to mind - 2 hours to manage to escape with increasing electro for the duration. Otherwise, the Sir will be back to make it quite a bit more unpleasant.