Monday, January 28, 2013

The Top Saga

I posted a bit back about topping more often lately, and since then it's been becoming an even more common occurrence. For some reason a few intense bottoms have been coming out of the woodworks; the kind of sub where I don't have to hold back my sadistic side. I really need to polish up my ropework skills since I've never Domed frequently enough for most of what I've learned to be like riding a bike. I've had a photo or two on my Recon / GearFetish profiles of my work as a top, but I figured I'd share some examples here for easy access.  The guy in the first and last photo is ADHsub. He's been my go-to ropework dummy for many years. The guy in the middle having his balls slapped as I grin wickedly is the notorious RubberFreak; check out his blog here. If this trend continues, I may have more photos and possibly some video in the near future. Stay tuned!


  1. Your ropework skills don't look too bad! I know how you feel; I sub a lot more, so I'm not actually all that great of a rope top myself. I'm getting a bit better, but I still have a ways to go.

  2. If nothing else, when you top someone else who is also verse, you can at least show them how you like it.